Real Life Monday: Can’t Stop That Feeling

by cynthiarendon

I still remember it. That feeling. If you’re in high school, college, post-grad studies, etc., then you’re familiar with it. Oh, you know the one. It sinks into your stomach every Sunday night. Yep, there you are having a fine ol’ time, watching basketball or playing an insipid video game or, if you’re more my speed, reading (and/or watching reruns of a beloved 90s sitcom or teen drama), and then, yep, the doom sets in, sometimes suddenly, like a bomb, or gradually, like the poison of a lethal injection (Actually, not sure about that one . . .).

You think — Friday was just a couple days ago, I’ve barely had time to enjoy this one. Oh, I should finish up that paper. *Insert super audible sigh here* There’s so much to be done: homework, homework, reading (OK, maybe just those things), but you still have a few episodes left of  Season 4 of Sex and the City (the rise and fall of Carrie and Aidan! *tear*), so all that stuff can wait. And it seems that as long as you’re eatin’ buttery toast at the coffee shop with Miranda and Charlotte (I always say I’m a mix of cynical and cold  Miranda and sweet and demure Charlotte. I’m a walking paradox, I know.), Monday morning isn’t going to happen (I’ve obviously had way too much experience with this).

How does it always come as a shock? And you’d think that once you graduate college and become a working, productive member of society, that sick feeling would, I don’t know, just squander. You’d think that it’d be like — Score! I have no homework, so I can go to sleep at 3AM, doing whatever it is that grown-ups do until the wee hours of the morning. I’m so cool. But nope, from what I’ve heard, Sunday nights don’t go away for the now-working folk, they’ve simply taken a new shape.

These musings were inspired by last night (Sunday! And this past week, really), where many around me complained about the looming start of a new school semester. Tests, paper, quizzes! Ugh, my life. Ugh, I wish I didn’t have to go to school. Ugh, FML. After two hard-earned degrees (pointing to the way of useless . . .) and a half-year job search, hearing statements such as these inspire me to walk away before I punch that person in the mouth and scream, At least you’re doing something!! And like I said, that Sunday night feeling doesn’t go away after finishing school. Like a certain gentleman demonstrated, with that audible sigh and “I wish I could stay, but I have work in the morning.”, the Sunday night dread still holds true and alive for the twenty-somethings, just like a twisted virus that won’t go away. Right?

And as sick as this sounds (I’m not a masochist, I swear . . .), in truth, I miss that feeling. So try to roll with it, people. At least that Sunday night feeling means you’re doing something come Monday morning.

Sundays aren’t going anywhere. You can graduate, find a great, fun job, have a super hot guy work in your office, and you’ll still hate Sunday nights. Sundays will always be a thing. But remember, that means that there are endless possibilities! It’s the start of a new week! So instead of being standoffish (and let’s be real here: hateful) towards those Sunday nights, perhaps you should start to flirt with them, maybe even canoodle with them, and then take them out once or twice. And possibly then, they’ll start to treat you a little better. Really, this unemployed girl can’t wait for the opportunity.