Music Monday: A Song on the Radio

by cynthiarendon

Like “Fantasy Wednesday”, I’ve decided to give Monday its own special post. I am a music lover. I enjoy beats, rhythms, and vibrations like most women (ha ha?), so let’s see how this goes.

Because I sometimes (who am I kidding? I often . . .) find it very difficult to muster up the words to describe something I absolutely love, I will be writing about, yep, a song on the radio — a song currently on the radio that’s so unobjectionable, it shouldn’t be too difficult to explain how ordinary it is.

I’m sure most of you have heard of OneRepublic. You haven’t? Um . . . “It’s too late to apologize/It’s too late/It’s too late to apologize/It’s too late/Too late, oh”. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Yeah, them.

Anyway, OneRepublic is the most, I don’t know, unexceptional band on earth right now. Their newest single, “Good Life”, is so decent I can’t tell you if I like the song or not. I really can’t seem to muster enough of an opinion on this amazingly ordinary song (and band, for that matter). I would say it’s this year’s “Hey, Soul Sister.” Oh, I know you know that song.

Yup, if OneRepublic were a restaurant, they’d be a T.G.I. Friday’s. Oh, there’s nothing else available? Alright, I could do Friday’s. Their burgers are alright.

They are the perfect example of the middle of the road. So much so that, in fact, you can hear “Good Life” everywhere, not just the radio, but — restaurants (probably most T.G.I. Friday’s), television, movie trailers . . . Kohl’s? Hot Top-40 pop stations that cater to Lil Wayne and Katy Perry play them for variety because they’re considered a “rock” band for some reason. Adult Contemporary radio stations play them to sound modern and edgy. And I’m sure “Apologize” is still being played out there somewhere.

I could take them or leave them. “Good Life” is catchy (I really have no choice, do I? It really is everywhere.) and likeable, with just enough acoustic guitar, weird whistling, and non-angsty vocals to make it an easy listen. It’s really like peanut butter and jelly on white toast — something you devour every day, has little nutritional value, but is pleasurable and safe; and if that’s the way you like your music, then alrighty.

I don’t care either way. Really.

I would provide context by posting the (quite possibly) very ordinary music video to “Good Life”, but you’ve probably  already heard the song a lot, so here goes Kanye’s “Good Life” — a song equally as popular as OneRepublic’s, but a bit more interesting.

Could this be a segway to next Monday’s ‘Music’ post? Huh? What? Maybe. 🙂